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via GIPHY Halloween is here, so bring on the Instagram-worthy costumes. In case you were too busy to grab your spooky garb, we gathered a few of our favorite celebrity Halloween looks you can copy. Family-friendly We’re all for Black love, but we love it even more during spooky season! The Bryants,...
How many vegans do you know? Better question, how many times have they tried to convince YOU to go vegan too? Honestly, it would be surprising if you weren’t at least tempted. Even past a surface glance, veganism--which decries the use and consumption of all animal products in food...
It’s spooky season! Is there any other classic way to celebrate Halloween than curling up and watching scary movies? You can enjoy your fright night AND support black artists. Besides acting, people of color are responsible for other roles in the creation of the terrifying tales - notably writing and...
Black women are no stranger to business ownership. Black women create new business ideas every day. Starting and maintaining a thriving business can be demanding on anyone, but black women are often met with their own set of exclusive challenges. Things like push back from building owners, bais with...
Feature Editor: Ann Duke                                                                                                                        Photographer: J. Singleton                                                                                                                                        Fashion Stylist: Marv Neal With the current release of Respect, the biopic depicting the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin, there’s never been a better time to salute Black female music icons. This season’s fall fashions lend themselves perfectly to the spirit of these goddesses...
Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day (PAIL) is October 15th, and ends an annual week-long period of remembering babies lost too soon, to factors that include miscarriage, stillbirth, sudden infant death syndrome, and death caused by birth defects.  To admire, honor and uplift the families that have been affected Taylor...
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Road trippin' across Michigan and her neighbors.
The status quo has been done away with across industries, including fashion. Creatives and consumers are calling for a long-overdue makeover – and equity paired with inclusion is what’s on trend.

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