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Exploring health, racial trauma & community healing in response to police violence. Healing & rebuilding our communities from police brutality's racial trauma starts not. #NationalCivilRightsMuseum. ✊🏾🕊️ #Restoration #BlackResilience
Discover the Detroiter who painted the beauty industry a new shade of success! Dive into Melissa Butler's bold journey with The Lip Bar. #LipBar #DetroitStar
Courtesy of the National Civil Rights Museum
It's been 60 years since the march on Washington but the struggle for equity continues. Commemorating history & hand-carved paths towards a fair future ✊?
Jazz artist Mike Monford
?Step into Mike Monford's world - a harmonious blend of jazz, hip hop, mentorship, and Afrofuturistic beats! #MikeMonford #Afrofuturism #Jazz
Are Black judges really getting a fair trial in America's courtrooms? Discover the concerns and call to action in our latest feature.
??‍♀️ Dive into our review of The Little Mermaid live-action remake! Will it sink or swim? Find out now! #LittleMermaidReview ?
whiskey lemonade
Raise a glass to Black history with the Uncle Nearest Whiskey Lemonade, honoring the legacy of a pioneering master distiller. ?? #UncleNearest
Black Americans Luxury Cars
Pandemic and inflation aside, Black Americans are buying more luxury cars than ever. Here’s why.
Joie Ray Black Racer
? Dive into the world of Black Motorsports! Celebrate the trailblazers and discover rising stars shaping the future of racing. ?️?
Roasted Jalapeno Guacamole Recipe
??️ Elevate your guacamole with our Roasted Jalapeno Guacamole recipe! Perfect for snacking or entertaining. Get the recipe
Michelada and ingredients
Dive into the rich history of Michelada, Mexico's beloved beer cocktail! ? Follow our easy recipe and enjoy this refreshing drink.
Meet the 5 Black folk artists redefining the genre for a new generation ?✊?? #BlackFolkMusic #NewVanguard

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