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The New Drama film, For the Love of Money,  starring Keri Hilson, Katt Williams, Rotimi, D.C Young Fly, LisaRaye McCoy, Jason Mitchell, Keith Sweat and more – was filled with twists and turns. The ending will probably leave you speechless, like it did us.

The movie follows Keri Hilson’s character Gigi, a single mother who feels forced to turn back to the life of crime she spent her life running from after her daughter is put in a horrifying situation.

The cast brings tragedy, emotion, laughter and complexity to each character. Although we loved the drama and crime on screen we don’t want you to be in Gigi’s position, where you have to make a compromising decision.

Below we have listed a few ways for you to make money – if you’re in a bind.

Long gone are the days of calling the cab company and waiting hours for one to arrive. Uber and Lyft make getting around your city seamless. They make making money with them just as seamless. All you have to do is head to the website, sign up, pass the background check and then you are set to work. You have the option of using your own car or renting another car through Lyft and Uber to use. You can even get paid out the same day!

Who doesn’t like take-out? Before apps like GrubHub, UberEats and DoorDash we had limited food delivery options. Thankfully the wonderful world of technology has helped take consumers and food businesses to another level. With these apps all you are required to do is pick up the food and drop it to their door. On some of the apps you are able to pick which job you take based upon the tip amount. You can be paid out the same day!

Not everyone enjoys going to the grocery store to search for the items they need. Some don’t have the time due to heavy demands at work, with their family, etc. Some send others to the store with a list, just to not get everything they wanted/needed. InstaCart and Shipt are grocery shoppers for these people. You are able to pick which area/stores you want to service and in most cases it’s a contactless transaction with the customer.

Ever thought about taking your hobbies and turning them into cash? On Fivver and Up Work you set your own prices of what you think your work is worth. Things like photo, video, and writing editing, graphic designing, coaching, personal styling and more! Who knows you might get so many clients that your hobby turns into not only another source of income but a full-time business!

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