BLAC® Chicago Artist of the Week: Kwynology

What is a voice without sound? Without intention? What is more valuable than the words one speaks?

Chicago native, writer, and poet Kwyn Townsend Riley, more affectionately known as Kwynology, explored the insurmountable value and worth of a woman’s body, mind, and spirit  in her recently released poetry album, “And She Worthy.” 

The poetry album is a sonic journey that explores the duality of being stereotyped as an object, something that can be easily disposed of while also being an expression of God — one that can create and destroy with the same intensity that women choose to express love.

Kwynology’s affectionate and deliberate voice delivers an intentional and raw space for women that makes them feel seen, through the poet’s lived experience. 

“And She Worthy” is an ingenious body of work that reflects on what worthiness looks like amongst Black women from a lens all their own. Within this audible poetry collection, Kwynology explores topics of feminism, Black girl magic, COVID, and more. “And She Worthy” is the final installment in a trilogy — preceded by “She Wrote,” and “She Will” by Kwynology. As a collection, it truly depicts a shared and sole life journey and experience that makes it enthralling for listeners and readers alike. 


“As a woman, I am stereotyped into being wifey material by cooking, cleaning, … when asked, and being silenced when told,” Kwynology writes.

Stay up to date with Kwnology’s words and explorative bodies of work at or @kwynology on Instagram. 

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