Ownership & Funding Info


BLAC Detroit Magazine is wholly owned by Billy J. Strawter, Jr.

Billy is the CEO of BLAC Inc, the company responsible for publishing BLAC Detroit Magazine.

As the founder of MILO Detroit, Inc., Managing Partner of Soul Motor Co., and Partner in Busted Bra Shop, Billy acquired BLAC in April 2020. He started Milo in 2016 out of a desire to bring insight, media expertise and brand building to a digital world.

Coming from a traditional marketing background, Billy seamlessly blends traditional and digital marketing.

He has worked with international brands and companies, leading hundreds of successful, measurable digital marketing strategies backed by data and insights that have resulted in over $750 million in incremental sales.

Billy specializes in alignment and integration of traditional and digital marketing objectives, data-informed digital strategy development, management and optimization of digital campaigns including PPC, Email, retargeting, SEO and social media channels.

Billy’s background includes advanced manufacturing, automotive, food, retail, finance, and technology. 


Funding for the magazine comes via dollars from advertising in the publication.