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Watching “Bridgerton” is an experience. In fact, it’s totally addicting. It’s nearly impossible to watch just one episode at a time because it commands your attention and doesn’t let go. That’s because there are so many reasons not to: love, sex, friendship, family, secrets, betrayal. It has all of that and more, so it’s no surprise that fans of the show are anxiously awaiting the arrival of season number two. And, it’s finally here!

In the show’s first season, viewers were captivated by Simon Basset and Daphne Bridgerton’s love story. Initially, the two couldn’t get along; they were complete opposites.

Simon, the Duke of Hastings, was arrogant; set in his ways; a philanderer, who was determined to remain that way; and a bachelor who could come and go as he pleased.

Daphne, on the other hand, was the first season’s “diamond,” a glamorous and refined debutante, yet, despite their differences, they ended up falling for one another and ultimately, getting married.


For all these reasons and more, millions of fans worldwide — myself included — fell in love with “Bridgerton,” the massively-popular Netflix show. Who could resist Simon and Daphne’s bickering, their undeniable attraction, their eventual marriage, breakup, reconciliation and, of course, those hot-and-heavy love scenes?!

With the eight-episode, new season’s debut on March 25, 2022, the questions everyone wants to be answered are: Was it worth the wait? Will the second season live up to the first?

Yes, and yes! I must admit though, that I had my doubts, because I, too, wanted the duke to return, and everyone knows he doesn’t. But this is Shondaland, after all! And Shondaland always delivers! Season two doesn’t miss a beat. Not. One. 

In the new season, viewers will get a front-row seat to another lovers’ quarrel. This one though is a threesome involving Daphne’s older brother Anthony, the wealthy, handsome and very eligible viscount.

Jonathan Bailey returns as Anthony and is absolutely magnificent. You can’t help but root for Anthony to find true love, flaws and all. Cast newcomers Simone Ashley as Kate and Charithra Chandran as Edwina are both brilliant, as is Shelley Conn who plays their mother, Mary.

Anthony gets involved with two single and vastly different sisters, Kate and Edwina Sharma. The sisters, along with their mother, come to London from India to find a suitable husband for Edwina. The Sharma’s are hoping Edwina will be named this season’s diamond, which would assuredly mean a long list of suitors to choose from. 

Kate is a strong, independent woman who can hold her own against the men; a fact she likes to point out whenever the need arises. Sparks fly when the overbearing Kate and the strong-willed Anthony meet for the first time. But, it doesn’t stop there. They butt heads constantly and things get worse.

Watching as both of them consistently try to get the better of the other is just one of the storylines that’ll undoubtedly have viewers binging on this show. It would be hard not to because what makes these two interesting is that they’re just like many of us. They’re beautiful yet flawed. They try to get things right but still get so much wrong. They want to be together, but they’re afraid of being vulnerable and of what other people might think.

Adding the Anthony-Kate-Edwina storyline into the mix while picking up where the first season left off, means that there’s a lot of ground to cover this season. And, “Team Bridgerton” handles the challenge admirably. You’ll definitely want to make plans now to watch the new season.

After all, you want to be among the first to know what everyone else will be talking about.

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