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Born from the heart and soul of an enterprising community, the Michael Lavelle winery proudly stands tall as a Black-Owned business trailblazer, boldly shaping a new narrative in the wine sector. The essence of their work reflects the vibrant spirit of unity, taking pride in the richness of African American heritage. Their presence in the wine industry is a testament to the resilience and unwavering determination to break barriers and create a new world where wine transcends societal limitations.

Offering More Than Just a Bottle — Cherishing the Roots

Every sip of Lavelle’s enchanting elixirs is a celebration of our origin – the collective human experience. With this devotion, Michael Lavelle wines go beyond the confines of conventional viticulture, instead championing the values of sustainability and social responsibility. Their wines weave a story of deeply-rooted, sustainable practices, ingrained community values, and a heartwarming connection with their audience – irrespective of age, ethnicity, or status.

The Dreams of Our Ancestors — Poured into Every Glass

In the Iris Collection lies the culmination of dreams, ambitions, and hopes of those before us. These exquisite wines don’t just carry flavors of depth and richness, but also embody the millennia-old traditions of the Black community – handed down through generations, preserved with love and care. The Iris Collection is an ode to our ancestors, their sacrifices, and their wisdom.

Delve into the Iris Collection

Choose from a range of meticulously crafted wines:

  • 2018 Iris Zinfandel – A journey through taste for $25.00
  • 2021 Iris Rosé – A gentle symphony of flavors for $20.00
  • 2022 Iris Chenin Blanc – A memorable wine affair for $23.00
  • Iris Zinfandel Raspy Rivera Special Edition – An exclusive wine experience for $38.00

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