Joshua Andrei Bon

What’s in Store for September in Film and TV?

Expand your horizons and discover stories far and wide with these Black film and TV perfect for this September.

Your Doppelgänger is Out There

Thanks to the rise of facial recognition software, new research found that doppelgängers may share genes and lifestyle traits.

Michael Jordan’s Jersey May Sell for $5M

Auction house Sotheby’s estimates that the jersey Michael Jordan wore during his “Last Dance” season may sell for $5 million.

These Events Bring Spike To Chicago’s Rental Economy

Domestic and international tourism from big events are driving up Chicago's rental economy, according to Airbnb survey numbers.

SOPHY® Hyde Park Named in ‛10 Best Hotels in Chicago’

Chicago has been named one of “The Best 15 Cities in the United States” and SOPHY® Hyde Park as 8th top hotel in the city.

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