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Billy Strawter

Billy Strawter Jr is the Founder of MILO - a black-owned advertising agency, a partner in Busted Bra Shop with 5 locations in Detroit, Rochester, and Chicago, and owner of BLAC Inc. - a multimedia company that publishes BLAC Magazine with local city websites in Atlanta, Chicago, Memphis, and Detroit.

BLAC Racing: Uncovering the Legacy and Future of Black Motorsports

🏁 Dive into the world of Black Motorsports! Celebrate the trailblazers and discover rising stars shaping the future of racing. 🏎️💨

The Art of People-Watching: Tales from the Airport

Dive into the captivating world of airport people-watching and uncover the stories that connect us all. ✈️🌍👀 #PeopleWatching #AirportTales

BLAC Book Review: Octavia Butler’s Kindred

Octavia Butler's Kindred is a powerful and thought-provoking novel that explores the legacy of slavery and the ongoing impact of racism and oppression on contemporary society. Read this book review to learn more about this masterful blend of science fiction and historical fiction.

Pop Art: New Black Books, TV and Movies

BLAC Pop Art is your guide to new and upcoming pop culture must-sees in Black TV, film and music.

A Look At Kwanzaa and How it’s Celebrated

Kwanzaa is a seven-day celebration of community and culture established as a means to connect black Americans with their African roots. It’s not a religious holiday so, regardless of...

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