This article was originally published on BLAC Detroit.

Billy Strawter Jr., publisher of BLAC Magazine, and owner of BLAC, Inc. is celebrating a birthday today.

Strawter, 49, still believes in the power of the Black voice and wants our achievements centrally highlighted through the pages of BLAC.

“It’s important that we give people a place and a voice, and we tell it from different perspectives,” Strawter told the Detroit Free Press in 2020. “What I know is that my story, and my struggle, is unique to me. It’s important that people across all spectrums and socioeconomic statuses have a voice, and they feel like they’re being heard and their stories are being told.”

Photo provided by MILO Agency, Billy Strawter, Jr.

2020 Was a Pivotal Year

Strawter, who had been a longtime investor in BLAC Magazine, took the position of publisher at a pivotal time for both race relations in the country and in the midst of a global pandemic. Three years later Strawter has built the audience by leading a small team of trusted employees that believe in his vision and share the journey of telling Black American stories of greatness.


Strawter has expanded BLAC’s reach and readership to Memphis, Chicago, D.C. and soon will include Atlanta and Seattle.

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